Ксения Собчак показала лицо подросшего сына The journalist went on a long awaited holiday with her husband and child. Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan chose a five star hotel located on the tropical island of Ko-Kut. Instagram star couple appear colorful frames made overseas.

After the election campaign Ksenia Sobchak came to an end, she went to rest together with her husband Maxim Vitorgan and son Plato. The star pair choice fell on Thailand. Instagram journalist appeared bright footage made abroad. One of the photos Xenia imprinted together with the child. Celebrity reported that the author of the frame became her husband.

The photo that created a furor in social networks, she holds the baby in her arms. Plato trustingly looks into the eyes of the mother. The boy looks very serious and focused.

“Only my husband knows how to do such photos! Probably love,” wrote the star on Twitter.

Fans of Xenia were delighted with the nice frame. They found that Plato’s growing very quickly and wrote him a large number of compliments. “Happiness of motherhood”, “the Time is going by so fast”, “my husband has no talent”, “Photo awesome”, “he looks at mom”, “Lovely”, “Wonderful”, “Tenderly”, – commented the users of social networks.

The other picture Plato depicted on the beach. Xenia said earlier that the boy is growing very thoughtful. While on vacation, the child with great interest explored the world around us. “A serious man got to the sand,” wrote the presenter. Followers of Xenia came to the delight of the frame. “How cute, right purity of emotion”, “Wonderful”, “Nice”, “Pretty”, commented on the Network.

The day before that she published a family photo with her husband and son. The star showed a figure in a fashionable bathing suit on a background of rumors about a second pregnancy.

“I always hated the hashtag #otdyhayushie, but I think that’s the case when it is 100% true! After long months of tension without any output our family took a vacation,” shared celebrity on Instagram.

Some followers suspected Xenia to use photoshop. In their opinion, the slim waist star – the result of skillful work in the graphic editor. Sobchak has not commented on the speculation of the public. The presenter prefers not to respond to the discussion of the alleged rumors about her interesting position.

During earlier debates Ksenia Sobchak has repeatedly and publicly argued with Vladimir Zhirinovsky. A show where the leader of LDPR have brought the presenter to tears. Kseniya are unable to hold back emotions and left the Studio before was filed with the appropriate signal. Act Sobchak has provoked lively discussions in the Network. Some explained the conduct of the journalist hormonal disruption, and drew attention to the fact that the star prefers to go out in clothes cut free. Ksenia Sobchak was brought to tears live