Ксения Собчак делит с сыном любимую игрушку The presenter does not cease to please his three heir of Plato. A woman absolutely has spared neither time nor effort to make her baby feel happy. And here’s the star boasted to fans that bought the boy a new toy that I liked not only the child but also all family members.

      Ksenia Sobchak feels great as a mom. She often shares with followers, photo, signatures under which talks about the latest events in the life of the family. Most recently, Plato turned three months old, and the woman acquired for the heir to the cradle of manual work. Prior to this, the presenter repeatedly published pictures from children’s clothes, food, without which it is not.

      Baby “chocolate”: what is known about the luxurious life of the son of Sobchak and Vitorgan

      Now it came to soft toys. Note that Xenia started to buy them even before the birth of her son. So, Sobchak bought a four-foot bear, which had, in recognition of the celebrity, to win the love of a baby. Think plush creature really occupies an important place in the house of the presenter. Interestingly, the big bear with the woman posted on Twitter just now though, judging by the frame, at the time of purchase she was still pregnant. “It is impossible to imagine that recently I was a Hippo” – ironically put it a young mother.

      I must say that Sobchak, even being in an interesting position, wanted to maintain a slim figure. That’s why she so adamantly described itself on one of the last photos. Despite the care of the baby and desire to pamper him every day, the media personality still finds time for himself. It performs a set of exercises on a variety of equipment to lose, in her opinion, kilograms. Fans thus do not understand why Sobchak doing it, because she already almost did not put on weight, and on the last frame does look noticeably postroynevshaya.

      Ksenia Sobchak compliments fans did not mesh. She stubbornly continues to play sports and lead an active lifestyle, to feel good. Generally, the presenter is happy with the current state of Affairs. In the program “You wouldn’t believe,” she said, enjoying motherhood. She likes to spend time at home with blizkimi. She enjoys the fresh air and not in a hurry to get into town. According to Kseniya, she actually felt comfortable and relaxed. “For me it is a very quiet period. It’s never happened before,” said the celebrity. Ksenia Sobchak: “I gave birth to myself, and cursed everything in the world”