Wife Grigoriev-Apollo got into others apartment

Жена Григорьева-Аполлонова проникла в чужую квартиру The singer shared with the subscribers of the video and said how unusual happened happened to him and his wife during his stay in the capital of England. The man reported that the door to the apartment where he was staying with his wife closed on the back side and the pair could not get into the house. However, the wife Grigoriev-Apollo found a way out.

      Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov surprised his followers with a funny video. On account of the artist’s wife Maria reaches into the opening of the door. At first it is difficult to determine what a woman does it, but it soon becomes clear that the singer decided to show how they managed to open the door to the apartment. According to Andrew, they briefly leave the apartment, but the keys to the house are not taken. In the end, the door slammed shut, and the couple didn’t understand what to do next.

      In the shadow of fame: why wives of famous men is admirable

      Thanks to the ingenuity and intelligence Maria spouses did not have long to freeze on the street and call the emergency service. The woman managed to push his hand into the small hole and your fingers reach for the door handle, grasping which she managed to get into the apartment. The star was so impressed by the actions of the wife that asked her to do the same thing, but on camera to users on the Network can assess done.

      “In London I rented a flat for five days and, in short, I go with Mary to smoke on the stairwell, and the door take it and shut up! I family and spend some time, and Maria wrapped in a towel after a shower. The phone number of the owner of the apartment is not what bell ringing is unclear! After proriasis, I realized that we kick and have to call the English Ministry. But the inquiring mind Machines invented a completely ingenious way! Watching the replay,” – commented the video Grigoriev-Apollonov.

      It seems that Mary really have a reason to be proud. Indeed, thanks to her resourcefulness and her husband freed themselves from unnecessary problems. The singer did not expect that they can not do without assistance. He’s not othanel how long they had to stand at the threshold of the apartment, but a happy outcome of fanciful stories did not leave followers indifferent.

      Followers began to Express admiration for the wife of Andrew. They noted that without her efforts the holiday simply would be overshadowed. Netizens said that Maria did not panic in a difficult situation, and showed dexterity. Some members recalled that they found themselves in a similar situation, but they had no way to get home. It is noteworthy that Grigoriev-Apollo still embarrassed that the apartment is so easy to get. Commentators have recognized that this method is used by many criminals who bespripyatstvenno press oneself in other people’s possessions.

      “A wife is not lost”, “I wrote to Masha that she’s super! Brilliant!”, “The great Russian mind is bypassed Prim and proper English”, “Inquisitive female mind is not allow to freeze”, “You are right gentlemen of fortune,” wrote the subscribers of the star.