Фаворитка Аллы на «Голосе»: почему Пугачева отговаривает детей от участия в шоу Diva believes that television contests can hurt a young mind. “StarHit” found out why people’s artist asks the pupils not to participate in the popular musical project. Because for many young talents a chance to succeed and to gain recognition of listeners. But Alla’s own position on this matter.

      Фаворитка Аллы на «Голосе»: почему Пугачева отговаривает детей от участия в шоу

      In mid-February music competition “the Voice. Children” for young talents started on the “First channel” for the fourth time. Currently at the stage of the blind auditions, their teams continue to gain three mentors. “StarHit” learned, for whom the project is ill Pugacheva, Valery Meladze why rehearsals are fed sweets and how his players entertains Dima Bilan.


      Soon one of the contestants will become the favorite student of Alla Pugacheva from her Studio pop art Recital 7-year-old Alice Golomysov. “Alla is eagerly awaiting the broadcast of her speech, – has shared with “StarHit” the Nata Abashidze, teacher golomysov the vocal. – Of course, will be rooting for her. From our school to try their hand decided two – Alice and Daniel Alibaev. First, Pugachev tried to dissuade them, offered to wait to grow up. Staged a conversation with them, asked: “Sure you can cope?” Still, it’s hard, a big psychological burden for a child, especially for something as small as they are. Anyway Alla is not very fond of this kind of contests. But after talking with the guys, I realized that her charges are ready, stand and defeat, and success.”

      What do we know about the participants of the casting show “the Voice. Children”

      Фаворитка Аллы на «Голосе»: почему Пугачева отговаривает детей от участия в шоу “Together with Alice, they chose the song that sent by mail to casting, and recorded in the Studio song singer Sia I go to sleep, – told the Nati. – And in the end told her his “trick” – with a sense of exhale note. Already on the “Voice” in rehearsal with other children – them that move too much – decided to borrow it. You should hear how Alice got upset, cried piteously: “Oh, my! My notion!” Golomysov engaged in school prima donnas more than three years. Always listen to the advice of Alla, is a fast learner”.

      “She is an extraordinary child, a big dreamer – continues to Abashidze. – Once she asked why you so good at this passage turned out to sing. And she said, “Because I presented next to a talking cat!” A classmate of Alice for creative Studio Diva, Daniel Alibaev, too, reached the stage of the blind auditions. However, just three people to his selection in the team of the mentors ended. To try his strength he now can only next year – but without the queue. “Of course, Daniel got upset, says Nati. Alla calmed him, said, “All for the best. So, didn’t come yet your time. This year you will open in yourself something new, then are brighter.”

      Star children’s “Voices” Yaroslav Degtyarev: “I was impressed with the new mentors”

      Фаворитка Аллы на «Голосе»: почему Пугачева отговаривает детей от участия в шоу


      To find the right words at a difficult time, help to cope with anxiety and fears is the job of the mentors in the fourth season of the show. For several months they probably will be for the kids not just teachers but real friends. Victoria’s Grain, 15-year-old Muscovite who is in the team Nyusha, in the midst of rehearsals was sick. “Cold, cannot breathe through the nose, the throat tickle, – shared the young artist with “StarHit”. – Nyusha immediately noticed that I have not had time to start singing. Work out in Lite mode. Saying goodbye, I advise to drink tea with honey and ginger, gargle. In the evening the same day I called, asked: “How are you feeling? Help my advice?” She treats us like family”.

      Rehearsal team Nyusha are held several times a week on the basis of “Fonograf jazz Band” in the South-West of Moscow.

      “We together pick the song that you view playlists, listen to our and foreign innovations – continues to Victoria. – She asked what we wanted to do. Many people have told me, they say, Jane herself is still so young, what can she teach. But she had amazing technique of singing”.

      One of the lucky ones that have passed to the team of Dima Bilan, is the 13-year-old Artem Seyranyan from Krasnodar. A boy from a large family singing since childhood, takes guitar lessons, is engaged in martial arts.

      “We arrived in Moscow, while living at the hotel – says “StarHit” teacher of the Seyranyan vocal Marina Tashkevich. – Travel and accommodation helps pay for our Krasnodar children’s creativity Center, where Artem sings pop-jazz orchestra “New wave”.

      So, of course, for his family would be a large expenditure. Incidentally, this is not the first competition where it participates. Last year tried his hand at the festival, Irina Dubtsova, there Artem took second place. As a reward he received the diploma and electronic drums. And in November, when the Ira came to Krasnodar with a concert, he even performed with her at one stage. I called it, okay, he sang “they beat Us, we fly” from the repertoire of Alla Pugacheva and another song of Bon Jovi”.

      The star of the show “Voice. Kids” lit on one stage

      Bilan, by the way, trying not only to train vocal students, but also culturally to develop them. “Last week the boys went to the musical “Cinderella,” and others participated in the filming of the documentary Dima “On a high note,” he continues Tashkevich. – It’s nice that they organize such a program”.

      Valery Meladze has invited the trust for a private music Studio. “It was even better than on TV – kind, sociable, – shares with “StarHit” one of the last in his team, Madina mukhamedshina. – First of all, Valeriy shotaevich all met, asked someone from a city that sings, music. Last week I decided to make a surprise mentor. Since I came from Kazan, made him a present of our national dish chak-chak, echpochmak, pies. Valeriy shotaevich all love to eat”.