Ksenia Sobchak figured out how to make more money It so happened that after the start of the special operation and the introduction of counter bans , Ksenia Sobchak, like many other bloggers, was left without earnings. figured out how to make more money” /> In fact, it's a sin for Ksyusha to complain about the lack of money. After all, as soon as the dollar jumped more than 100 rubles, she, not without pride, told the whole world that it was not necessary to keep money in rubles. Here she is, always converting everything into dollars and euros, and therefore now she is “on horseback”. jpg” alt=”Ksenia Sobchak figured out how to make more money” />

So, Sobchak's finances are OK, but this does not mean that she should not ask for help from her fans and has already thrown off the address where you can transfer donations to create its new programs. It looks like you don't want to spend the hard-earned hard-earned currency.

Ksenia Sobchak figured out how still earn money

Well, along the way, Ksenia offered to buy her clothes more actively. Well, of course, not the one she wears herself, but merch with all sorts of “smart” statements.

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