Anfisa Chekhova told when she will return to Russia Anfisa Chekhova turned out to be one of those characters who what is happening around her is “emotionally pressing” and her subtle mental organization cannot bear it. Anfisa Chekhova said when she would return to Russia” /> At the end of February, Anfisa, as it were, went on vacation to Bali, but at the end of March, at the height of the school year, her son Solomon flew in, which indicates the seriousness of her intentions.

Anfisa Chekhova has told when she will return to Russia

Anfisa has already asked people who know where and how her Solik can continue his studies, but it seems that summer holidays have already begun for him. The real “non-immigrants” don’t want to yet and assures that all this is for three months. =”Anfisa Chekhova told me when she would return to Russia” />

But it's worth worrying if her mother suddenly flies to her. Now this will be serious.

So, Chekhova, it seems, is also on vacation. Well, how can you put it differently – everyone wants to earn money in Russia and only live in another place.

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