Ксения Собчак продолжает прятать округлившийся животик While it is clear that the star is in position, she is looking for photo angles at which pregnancy is not noticeable. About the interesting position Xenia Sobchak became known quite recently, in the beginning of this month.

      Ксения Собчак продолжает прятать округлившийся животик

      Pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak – one of the most discussed in social media topics. Many fans of the star still can’t believe that soon she will become a mother. Because the presenter is known for his sharp temper and critical attitude to the children. However, the fact is already there – the appearance of Xenia in a tight dress at the St. Petersburg award “TOP-50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg” has not left doubts in an interesting position of the actress.

      The path to motherhood: how Ksenia Sobchak is preparing for the lead role

      However, Sobchak continues strenuously to hide rounded tummy under oversized outfits and choose photo these angles under which her pregnancy is not obvious. So fresh the star in Instagram loved her fans. They found that the leading looks stylish and discreet.

      Interestingly, openly about her pregnancy until Xenia says. However, after the media storm erupted, Sobchak did not miss the chance to leave a joking comment about that.

      “Fresh of the press! What I love about the tabloids, almost every word is true. Amazing article cites my quote, which never happened, evidence of my Pilates instructor, whom I don’t know. And rebuke that I did “show” premium “Dog”, coming from the patch stomach. What can I say? Parallel worlds! Life is everywhere! Well at least parallel lines do not intersect. Only eternity!”, – wrote in the microblog TV presenter.

      Meanwhile, for the upcoming changes Sobchak and her husband Maxim Vitorgan prepared thoroughly. The presenter put up for sale an apartment on Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, which she estimated at about a hundred million rubles. “The sale they thought last year – confirmed “StarHit” in the district, SVR. – Bedroom apartment in the crisis purchased infrequently”.

      New home star is in a residential complex “Club house on Smolensky Boulevard. Even during the fixation of the family home of Ksenia and Maxim one of the rooms was furnished as a nursery. According to friends, Sobchak is ripe for radical change.

      “Bold talk about children’s fears,” says stylist Vlad Lisovets. – It belongs to the category of people who from the inability to treat a child prefers to speak negatively.”

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