Конкурс «Мисс Москва» завершился дракой One of the participants staged a brawl during the ceremony. The girl did not keep emotions and pounced on his opponent, while on the stage of the competition was crowned 25-year-old Muscovite Tatiana of zimper.

      Конкурс «Мисс Москва» завершился дракой

      The prestigious contest “Miss Moscow”, which took place in the capital in the night of Saturday, June 18, has not done without scandal. It is possible that they will remember is a loud social event. Just at the moment when the jury of the contest awarded the winner of Tatiana tsimfer, behind the scenes two other equally charming girls put up a fight.

      According to some, an instigator of the brawl was a participant of “Miss Moscow”, 20-year-old Ekaterina Revyakina. Apparently, the girls lost their nerve under the hot hand hit the old familiar beauty, which allegedly quarreled with her boyfriend. Fortunately, serious injuries to cause each other girls did not, treated the scrapes and bruises. But the brawl was so many witnesses that to hide her the fact about the community the organizers of the competition failed. Photos and video of the fight leaked, and its details are discussed by those who like to savor such events.

      Конкурс «Мисс Москва» завершился дракой

      It is worth noting that this time the contest “Miss Moscow” was held for the 21st time. For the election of the most beautiful Muscovite 2016 watched Russian celebrities Elena Starostina, Anastasia Grebenkina, Daria Ekamasova, Maria Berseneva, Julia Dalakian and Anatoly Anischenko, Irina Lachin, Alice Tolkacheva. The jury of the prestigious competition was headed by Joseph Kobzon.

      The candidates had to please the judges and the audience not only good appearance, but the inner content, and talents – to sing or dance.

      “I Miss Moscow 2016!”, – said on his page on “Instagrame” winner Tatyana tsimfer. “I knew it! Beautiful! Congratulations!”, “I knew it! I had a dream. Congratulations, girl,” immediately began to congratulate Tatiana and her friend.

      The most beautiful girl of the capital has not only elegant appearance, it takes the diplomas of the master of “Foreign area studies” and expert on “Management in the sphere of state and municipal management”. Works of Tatyana tsimfer in one of capital banks.

      Конкурс «Мисс Москва» завершился дракой

      The title “Beauty of Moscow” received a 24-year-old Maria Fordice, the title “Moscow beauty — a 25-year-old Maria Platonova. 14-year-old Yulia Aleshina was named the new “Young Miss Moscow”.

      Tatyana tsimfer will now participate in the national festival “Beauty of Russia”, the winner of which will represent Russia at international beauty pageants. In 2015, the title of the main beauties of Moscow, we will remind, has won a 22-year-old Oksana Vojvodina.


      Конкурс «Мисс Москва» завершился дракой

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