Виктория Дайнеко вынуждена оставить дочь The singer is preparing to breakup with a girl. Victoria Dayneko will go for a few days to another continent for work. Fans rushed to reassure her and tried to assure that the time will fly by for her and for the baby.

      Виктория Дайнеко вынуждена оставить дочь

      The winner of “Factory of stars-5 Viktoriya Dayneko in October last year for the first time became a mother. The happy event completely changed the life of the singer – now the actress tries to spend time not yourself or husband Dmitry Kleiman, and the care and upbringing of the successor. But, however, Victoria did not take maternity leave – after less than a month after giving birth she returned to the stage, and then even became for a while to go to performances in other cities. But now the singer is preparing to part with the baby for five days to go in Los Angeles.

      “Day x” is approaching, and I still have no idea how to be away from home for more than 15 hours. Here’s how other moms do it. I knew that this first time will come sooner or later, but almost nine months later, I’m still not ready for this,” he complained to fans of Victoria.
      Виктория Дайнеко вынуждена оставить дочь

      Dayneko leaves the baby for her own good – to earn money for the successor. Loyal fans and young moms shared the view of Victoria in how hard it is to part with beloved Chad even for a few hours.

      “Sooner or later, it happens and there is nothing terrible, it only seems so at first. I also thought that not able and not willing, and I will, but as it is, and so on and so forth. But in the end, all fine, all fine and no one noticed. The baby is still small, to cry and will not miss. Don’t worry, everything will be fine, you’ll see” “Five days! Don’t worry! Fast fly! I, too, for his miss when she’s out with grandma and grandpa. Nothing can be done, such work! We’re mom,” he hastened to reassure and cheer the singer, although some insisted that the earnings have to think man.

      Victoria recently posted the lovely child’s dress. As reported Dayneko, it was made in the shortest possible time exclusive for the daughter of the singer – model was not represented in any collection. Fans felt that this outfit is the perfect in order to baptize the girl.

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      Despite the fact that Victoria in the microblog constantly mentions his daughter and tells some facts from her life, still she showed the girl and didn’t even mention her name. Fans are anxious and waiting for the winner of “star Factory-5” declassify baby.

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