Ханна и Пашу отметили годовщину свадьбы на Мальдивах The singer and her husband celebrated the 10 of June year of married life. In honor of this event, the couple decided to afford a little vacation and went to the Maldives in the company of their loved ones. Hannah enjoys a romantic getaway with Pasha and the nature of the Islands.

      Ханна и Пашу отметили годовщину свадьбы на Мальдивах

      Singer Hannah and her husband Pasha celebrated June 10, the first anniversary of the date of the wedding. On this day spouses were not able to stay alone with each other since they attended the MUZ-TV in “Olympic”. Stars gathered at the MUZ-TV in 2016. Online stream

      On the anniversary of the Pasha was dedicated to his wife a touching birthday message. “My Love, my everything! Four years in one go, one year legally married, and everything seems just begun! Kissing and touching as desirable and also excite all the insides. Back to back, side by side, develop and burst in unison! One goal, one interest, one desire, one dream, one inspiration! One in a million, maybe less! My to the last drop”, signed male photo wife from the red carpet MUZ-TV.

      After a couple of days after this high-profile social events Hannah and Pasha took the plane tickets and flew to Maldives with her family. “Happy anniversary to us! Love you, Pasha! Each day as the first! Right I want to eat you!”, the singer wrote in the microblogging, put it in the microblog photo with her husband on the coast of the Indian ocean.

      Spouses were lucky with the weather, the weather is hot, and the night air is refreshing rains. The climate of Maldives like many of the celebrities, as there all year round warm and Sunny.

      Ханна и Пашу отметили годовщину свадьбы на Мальдивах

      “Big and strong love you”, “you Guys are so cool! Happy anniversary!”, – joined congratulations of the users of social networks.

      Hannah pleased with the climate and weather of Maldives, as you can spend the day lying by the pool and sunbathe. One of the photos with guests Hannah showed her mom Tatiana. The followers noted that they are very similar to each other and look like friends.

      The singer shows her slender figure, trying on swimsuits of different styles and colors. Hannah is involved in sports, so don’t hesitate to show long legs and elastic ass. However, some users believe that the girl is very skinny. Pasha is happy with his wife: the young man photographed his beloved from behind and posted a photo to microblogging.

      Ханна и Пашу отметили годовщину свадьбы на Мальдивах

      Fans of Pasha and Hannah admire sincerity that prevails in the family of stars. Spouses support each other in various endeavors and often discuss working moments, advised. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the singer admitted the secret of their happy married life.

      “In our relations there is no place of jealousy, no one just gives you a reason to. Although I must confess, I sometimes resent her husband for what he did even a little bit can not be jealous. Pasha, as she wants me to grow in my profession. He sees that I get pleasure from, what you do, work on myself and achieve results,” said Hanna.
      Ханна и Пашу отметили годовщину свадьбы на Мальдивах
      Ханна и Пашу отметили годовщину свадьбы на Мальдивах

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