Ксения Собчак стала жертвой злоумышленников, сообщивших о бомбе в ее квартире The star shared with fans emotions in the personal microblog. It turned out that the mysterious foe said about the mining of the housing Ksenia Sobchak. The woman said that is not going to forgive this act and has appealed to the police.
Ксения Собчак стала жертвой злоумышленников, сообщивших о бомбе в ее квартире

On the eve of Ksenia Sobchak there was an unpleasant incident. About it, she told the followers in Instagram. A man gave the police the information that in apartment of the celebrity is the bomb. In accordance with the rules, all the inhabitants of the buildings brought to the street and into housing blondes came up. Apparently, Hayter somehow linked to the presenter – she stressed that the outsider could not know her home address. Xenia intends to understand the details of the incident and punish the perpetrators.

“I suspect that the year will be full of surprises! They started from the first day! Some lovely people (apparently having access to my personal data) reported that my apartment is booby-trapped. The second number it is so nice when the house is evacuated, and comes to you a policeman with a dog. In fact, call a criminal case. And this is only the beginning”, – said Sobchak.

The news immediately provoked controversy among users of the social network. In the comments followers have left hundreds of messages. Some supported the Xenia and wished her the strength to bring the case to the end. Other – on the contrary, considered that the woman herself is making enemies too defiant behavior and active position. Some members also suggested that a similar incident may be linked to her recent dancing at the temple gate.

“What a nightmare! Hold On, Xenia! You will be able to handle this!”, “So it should be – next time, maybe, will think before to arrange antics with drunken dancing”, “Consider this: she also has a family, personal life, and people burst in to the house…”, “She was last time I went looking, too much emotion and expression was allowed”, “Xenia, through thorns to the stars! Things will get better soon and will be forgotten,” shared his thoughts of caring.

By the way, new, 2018, the year Sobchak really began with the large flow of negative comments in her address. The candidate in presidents of Russia together with her husband Maxim Vitorgan and friend Rostislav Khait danced near the entrance to the Church, which is located in the center of Moscow. Actions that offend all believers, the company filmed on a mobile phone and posted the video on social networks. Disputes arising from the deed blonde, do not cease till now. Ksenia Sobchak staged dances on the porch