Пугачева обрушилась с критикой на Фадеева из-за «Новогоднего огонька» Diva advised the composer to move from discourse to action. Alla Pugacheva commented on the recording men on Instagram. Fans of the singer immediately supported her in judgment.
Пугачева обрушилась с критикой на Фадеева из-за «Новогоднего огонька»

Around “Christmas light” this year sparked a lot of controversy. Transfer fans wanted to see in the air are more young and trendy artists. As a result, the producers of the show made concessions to the audience, inviting not only masters of music, but popular new bands. Besides, in the midst of the scandal and Alla Pugacheva, which was accused of plagiarism. On the night of January the artist released the song “I fly”, which caused mixed reaction among her fans.

The author of new songs of Alla Pugacheva was accused of plagiarism

Maxim Fadeev decided to raise the question about the participants and scenarios “new light”. He has published in Instagram post, which turned to the subscribers.

“Well, now already a year has passed since then, as the wave of public discontent in relation to the Christmas “lights”. And throughout this year, TV bosses promised us that in the coming year things will change and a new transmission will not be similar to what was done TV before. I was just curious whether something has changed. Share your impressions,” urged fans Fadeev.

Fans of the composer immediately began to talk about the changes in the Christmas broadcast. In their opinion, the popular program is almost the same, but the audience liked some of the rooms.

Suddenly the discussion was joined by Alla Pugacheva. Primadonna has left a mixed review, in which he called Fadeeva not talk, but act.

“What are you all growling like an aging loser. You get bored in Bali? Not “Muti”, don’t go and change everything, make steeper. Only promises. I’m telling you this out of love for you and your creativity. You’re a genius. Mind your own business. Is you is great. Happy New year! Alla Pugacheva”, – wrote the artist.

Violent reaction Pugacheva has surprised many subscribers Fadeeva. In their opinion, the statement of the singer was tough, but fair. “I support A. B. If Maxim doesn’t like something, you need to make your suggestions, not to talk about something, sitting in another country,” “It is like nothing bad about “Blue light” is not said. Don’t understand why such aggression,” “But I’ve a room of Alla very much! The song and stuck in my head”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the stars.

While Maxim Fadeev did not respond to the criticism. Now the composer is abroad, where he is resting with his wife and son. Artists its production center does not participate in the “Christmas lights”, and the man himself does not appear in the broadcast of the programme. That is why his interest in the transmission has caused considerable surprise among the fans.

Alla Pugacheva chose to celebrate the New year at his country estate in the company of relatives. Shortly after midnight Maxim Galkin has posted a video which showed how his family celebrated. All the guests gathered in the living room for a large table and watched the premiere of the clip Diva. Their composition “I’m flying” has already become a hit and get a lot of positive ratings among fans of the artist.