Скандальный блогер Лена Миро вышла замуж за иностранца The Network got pictures from the celebration girl and her lover. Lena Miro officially legalized relationship with her lover, Richard, who lives in Colorado. Herself an Internet star, did not comment on this topic.
Скандальный блогер Лена Миро вышла замуж за иностранца

For many years a popular blogger Lena Miro expressed my position on various life situations. The young woman gave advice to social network users about how to build a harmonious relationship or a good marriage. However, his personal life, the brunette preferred not to spread. So, in the Internet appeared information about the fact that Lena back in November, married the foreigner. Miro itself has not spoken on this topic, but the blogger’s mother-in-law Mary shared emotions in a personal blog.

Happy woman wrote that on the last day of 2017, was ready to give followers the happy news. Her favorite son got married to Helen on November 29 in Colorado County Texas in the United States. She also said that they met two years ago in Thailand, where between them and began an affair. Mary considers the relationship of Richard and Miro the best love story.

In the photos shared by the mother-in-law Miro, you can see how happy the bride is. Happy couple posing and hugging. For special case of Lena chose an unusual white dress, decorated with flowers and ribbons and tough black boots. Richard was dressed in a dark suit. As headgear, the groom chose a hat with a red rose.

By the way, in recent personal life Lena became interested in not only groupies. Six months ago, the showman Rustam Solntsev has recorded a video message dedicated to the peers. Kolko to speak to the Miro pushed his uncomplimentary remarks about the women participants of the TV project “Dom-2”, which once starred Rustam. He suggested that the behavior of the brunette caused by a failed romance.

“Rumor has it that you live with some lethargic pensioner, but I’m just saying… in General, if a young woman is beautiful in life sex, it will never throw at others and to be kind and sweet, will be all love in the end. But, I repeat, if her life is a qualitative sex, and if he himself, then a woman is that we are seeing looking at you. But of course I do not allude to that… Love you honey!” – said Rustam.