Ксения Новикова лишает бывшего мужа родительских прав The singer invited the ex-husband to sign a paper renouncing children. A few years ago, the actress struggled with Andrey Sereda for the right to educate children, but now the man does not pay alimony for their upkeep.

      Ксения Новикова лишает бывшего мужа родительских прав

      Last fall, former soloist of the “Brilliant” married. But despite the joyful event in the life of 36-year-old singer do not cease court proceedings. The conflict between Xenia Novikova and businessman Andrey Sereda broke out five years ago. The couple parted, and two sons, according to the settlement agreement, remained with mom. However, before the entry of the judgment into force Sereda took the kids to London, and she accused him of stealing heirs. Since then the subpoenas come a man one after another.

      As it became known “StarHit”, recently the singer offered Sereda notary to abandon children. Instead, the artist has promised to forgive the child support arrears, which is about one million rubles. The man refused the deal. However, with the content of the heirs of the ex-wife he’s not helping. Ex-husband is “brilliant” Ksenia Novikova sued

      Ксения Новикова лишает бывшего мужа родительских прав

      The education of the sons of the woman helps her new husband Alex. The chosen star was quickly established contact with young Myron and Bogdan and the boys perceive him as a person. The family regularly spends time together, showing a real idyll. On the way to personal happiness Ksenia had to go through a lot of tests, but now with her man, who managed to take responsibility for herself and her sons, and was ready to solve all the problems. With your favorite artist feels like a stone wall.

      Speaking about the future of the pair, psychic Mohsen Norouzi said they are waiting for the test, which both of them are quite able to overcome.

      “Xenia is a very kind and cheerful person, she will become the perfect wife Alexei, – said the clairvoyant. – In the past the star has been through a lot – painful breakup with first husband, his attempts to pick up her children, lack of demand in the profession… All this did Novikov wise girl and taught her to appreciate a good attitude, ” says Mohsen. – A pair of Alex reigns love and harmony. New husband – a man psychologically stable, and strong in spirit. In the past he, like Xenia, has experienced a lot of troubles with that very character. The first years of marriage the couple will be perfect, but after two or three years waiting for their loyalty to the test. Alex will be fascinated by the bright girl from the environment of Xenia, he will have a difficult choice – passion or duty. If you win the second, Alexei and Xenia bright future ahead”.

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