Кристина Асмус поделилась фотографией подросшей дочери The heiress, actress and resident of Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov is now about 2.5 years. Fans of Asmus surprised at how charming Anastasia is growing rapidly. The girl impressed the fans of his mother’s long and well-groomed hair, like a real Princess.

      Кристина Асмус поделилась фотографией подросшей дочери

      On weekdays, Kristina Asmus called for a press conference, held within the festival and at the weekend decided to relax with his family in the countryside. By the way, the opening of the Moscow film festival Asmus missed due to illness. The company the artist was not only the heir but the husband stars Garik Kharlamov, who is currently shooting for new seasons of one show TNT TV. Constantly employed spouses sometimes, however, find time to spend with his heir.

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      In his microblog Kristina posted a photo of the grown Anastasia. Baby face is not seen, she sits back to the camera. It is noteworthy that also in the picture you cannot see the person’s face, shoulders and embraces the child. However, fans of Asmus realized immediately: this beloved actress Garik Kharlamov. They noticed that the publication of Christina’s very pretty, and the daughter of stars have grown. “The best decoration of the neck,” “What long hair baby”, “Anastasia’s so big already”, “Princess”, “I guess the pride of mom”, “time really flies”, “how lovely,” wrote Asmus fans in the comments to her entry.

      Кристина Асмус поделилась фотографией подросшей дочери

      Recall that the daughter of a resident of Comedy Club and star of TV series “Interns” was born on 5 January 2014. That it happened, happy Christina told in his Instagram. Asmus said her girl, and Garm is the best man in the world. Celebrity births took place in Moscow, as she decided not to leave her husband, who was at that moment busy with corporate parties.

      Three weeks after Anastasia was born, Christine came out of the decree and again started acting. At the end of January of the year Christine shone on the stage of the Moscow theater. Yermolova in the play “hamlet”. To return to the scene, the artist did not even have time to rehearse as she confessed later in social networks.

      In interviews, Asmus was told that Anastasia is very similar to his famous dad and has a calm nature. By the way, the young mother often shares in social networks photos of the child. The same can be said about the Garik Kharlamov. However, the star couple doted in his little girl. When she was two years old, Christina made a touching post on Instagram, which recognizes infinite love for Anastasia and called her “angel” and “miracle.”

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