Elina Kamiren will get the apartment

Элина Камирен получит в подарок квартиру According to the psychic Mohsen Noruzi, during the year, the former participant “Houses-2” will have their homes in the capital. The winner of the tenth season of “Battle of the psychics predicted the future one of the brightest and scandalous stars of the reality show.

      Элина Камирен получит в подарок квартиру

      The last months have been difficult for the former member of telestroke “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren. The girl left the project late last year. With her from the show left her civil husband Alexander Zadoinov, which in December 2014 Elina gave birth to a daughter Sasha. But the first weeks of the couple’s life in the absence of TV cameras made it clear to them that their relationship had no future. But Alexander once, without warning, Packed up and went to his native Yaroslavl, without doing so with Elina. Since then, no one Kamiren night passes quietly.

      Elina Kamiren for the first time about breaking up with someone, “He just left”

      “I was very nervous, bad sleep,” says Cameran. All the time think about the future, how it will develop? Worried for my daughter if I can provide her a decent future? Yes, I am a co-owner of jewelry magazynowym also leading his own project “Elina project, do the tourist company “E&A Family club” and children’s magazine “Kids Club”, but it does not guarantee a bright future.”

      These questions that she had nowhere to get answers, led Elina to the clairvoyant 10-th season of “Battle of psychics” Mohsen Noroozi. The Iranian prophet said that he saw a future bright blonde.

      “Elina is the huntress, her whole life – overcoming,” says Mohsen. – A vain, strong-willed, with big dreams of wealth and glory, she is now all in the doubt and panic. Recent breakup with Alexander was struck down, however, it will do her good. Exemption and as a result a new path. Alexander, despite his nice appearance, people with a lack of any hint of masculinity and notions of honour and dignity. Both in this pair of dream to hit the jackpot and live well, both are ready for any deeds for the sake of their dreams. Future in that family there. Only quarrels, fights and insults”.
      Элина Камирен получит в подарок квартиру

      According to the psychic, Kamiren better take care to provide my daughter a comfortable future. Elina you must have a good think about what could provide her with a stable income and to protect from many problems faced by single mothers.

      “Business Kamiren prosperous not to mention, however 1.5-2 years she will be able to earn advertising vitamins, beauty and clothing. So count only on your hand for a beautiful life, in her case – utopia – says Mohsen. In her life for 7 months there will be a rich man, who will love it and with the right behavior in the first three months of the relationship he will give her the apartment.”

      According to the famous clairvoyant, a true accomplishment, Elina may be her daughter. Little Sasha though, and spends a lot of time with his father, who regularly visits, education still receives from his mother. Elina Kamiren showed the rented apartment where he lives with his daughter

      “The biggest achievement Elina will be the education of her daughter diametrically opposed to that got she – says Norouzi. – Sasha has a chance to grow a man attentive, responsive and Executive. There is no energy fighter, but there is dedication and hard work. In personal life it will not be very rich, but very happy. Dream Elina on a Moscow apartment and a car will come true one after another. Let’s conserve your energy and turn to God asking him to save her soul.”

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