Ксения Бородина примерила сексуальное бикини

TV presenter shared with subscribers a special photo. It it posed in a very sexy swimsuit with the lace on one of the suburban beaches.

Ksenia Borodina decided not to repeat the mistake of his colleagues on the project “Dom-2” and has published hundreds of candid shots with guests. On the contrary, in Instagram presenter appeared in just one photo, where it was shown from the back. It is possible to tell with confidence: swimsuit Borodin chose one of the most complex and seductive!

Choice Ksenia Borodina fell on black bikini bodice which was decorated with sensual lace detail. In addition to the bra the star has opted for a classic black bottoms with side ties. Tan, of course, from this bodice to be specific, but is unlikely to Xenia care in the first place.

By the way, in the photo you can also see the younger daughter of Xenia, Theon, whom the star holds hands.

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