Ksenia Borodina told about spying on the babysitter

Ксения Бородина рассказала о слежке за няней
The presenter is worried about the safety of their children.

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Borodina, separate from the house, every time scary
worried about their children left at home in the care of a nanny. Statutes to survive
and missing daughter Marusia and Teona, TV presenter has solved the problem radically
way with a video camera, which she can monitor the nanny and
children via the Internet.

“I giperatidnye mom and always wanted to be aware of what
engaged kids in my absence, what and when to eat, sleep there,
shared Xenia. — Now with video nanny I’m looking for home phone. Just
open the app and see their children. And I’m sure in their safety. In addition
this is an archive of entries. I got rid of my 1000 questions and experiences. Our
the father too is actively using the app and not being home, knows that all

Ksenia is very kind to her children. For example, for the teachers explained to their fans why
hides the face of his younger daughter Teona. The presenter came to this decision
for detractors, the aggression with daily “pouring” in the address family
Xenia in the comments to the posts.

Borodin admitted that she has many times offered to sell
Teona pictures in glossy magazines, but she was strongly against the “declassification”
girls. “This is the answer for those who like under the skin and be sure to get paste
your very wise advice! No one in the baby’s journal is not sold, but believe me all
want, but we don’t want! Leave the little man alone…” — wrote