Валентина Рубцова призналась, что боится микробов
The actress goes to public transport in a medical mask.

Valentina Rubtsova

Photo: Instagram

Valentina Rubtsova surprised followers of his microblog, posting on
page in Network the photo where the actress goes to the subway. The reason
disputes fans of the star of the series “I” was a medical mask,
covering the face Scar.

Many spoke negatively about the masks and say that they are not
protect people from viruses that abound in the Metropolitan.
“I don’t understand why you need these masks? The virus will not save!” — said one. “Why
will not save? If the person is unwell, he won’t be sneezing on the neighbor!” — arguing
other. “They’re camouflage, so the subway didn’t know!” — says the third.

Interestingly, fans of the actress is not surprised that
Valentine use public transport. Indeed: the musicians are very
often descend to the subway, especially if they need to arrive to the point
the destination in time.

For example, recently Alexey Vorobyov is not only used
metro to stand in the capital’s tubes, but they have had
great fun. The singer is with great pleasure watched the events
around and had fun. Vorobyov mood is not spoiled
even a small crush of rush hour in front of the escalator. The musician reacted to the situation
humor and try on the role of the penguin. By the way, unlike Scar, masking
Alex decided not to remove her head a large hood.