Ksenia Borodina showed looks like without makeup

Ксения Бородина показала, как выглядит без макияжа
The TV host looked younger without makeup.

Photo: Instagram

The lack of cosmetics, changing time zones, aviaperelety is all that helps Ksenia Borodina look… younger! TV presenter has published in his personal blog his photos from the plane.

“I had a terrible time with jet lag, especially when time — shared with fans the star of “House-2″. Day want to sleep, and night like the matches in the eye stuck!”

Fans of Ksenia thought she was disingenuous. The mother of two children, who at 34 years old without makeup might look high at 25, it’s a success! It is seen that Borodin regularly cares for your skin. But she constantly have to “torment” the skin TV makeup. Many such stress appears and rashes, and premature wrinkles. Ksenia as if shining from within. Perfect eyebrows create a stern look. However, some of the subscribers suspected Borodin in the tattoo. But even if the star did permanent makeup, it made the most naturalistic.

“Soon, Marusia at the age of one will look!” — joke fans, meaning 8-year-old daughter of TV stars.