VIDEO: Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva, together starred in the historical film

ВИДЕО: Федор Бондарчук и Паулина Андреева вместе снялись в историческом фильме
A new series featuring celebrities called “the Demon of the revolution”.

On TV channel “Russia-1” is preparing to leave
one of the main Premier of the new season, the episode “Demon of the revolution”, where the main
role played Paulina Andreev, Fedor Bondarchuk, Evgenii Mironov, Maxim
Matveev, Victoria Isakova and others. Vosmiseriynogo film was directed
Vladimir Khotinenko for the centennial of the October revolution.

The action series is set on the eve of
the coup of 1917. Marxist Alexander Parvus (Fyodor Bondarchuk) receives from the German government money for the revolution
in the Russian Empire. Parvus helps Vladimir Lenin (Yevgeny Mironov)
to return to Russia. The implementation of the plans of Parvus tries to prevent the agent
Imperial counterintelligence Alexei Mezentsev (Maxim Matveev).

Victoria Isakova in the “Demon of the revolution” played
Inessa Armand, and Paulina Andreeva — a revolutionary Sofya Rudneva, which is at the center of a love triangle with
participation Parvus and Mezentsev.

Paulina Andreeva

Photo: “Russia”