Ксения Бородина шокировала новым имиджем
The presenter began with the burning brunette.

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Ksenia Borodina participated in a photo shoot in the image of women-vamp. But this experiment has disappointed her fans. Fans were shocked by the haircut stars. This look
strongly reminded them of Olga Buzova. In addition
also, according to many, of Xenia, this form of hairstyle and hair color does not
really went, and fans were alarmed, now what Borodin will look like this

“And I love
the experiments, though very and are afraid of them — shared
Borodin. — Yesterday surprised the people who began to write, not that is not yours and
so on. Guys, this photo shoot and for me a wig, your task was to evaluate
photos, and not to RUB with the tips!”

By the way, Ksenia is not
the first one could not seriously perepoloshit his admirers. Periodically
the stars are shocking changes in his appearance, while not radically
changing. So one of the photos Hope Mikhalkov produced among her fans
bombshell. The actress pictured himself with an extravagant hairstyle in the style of the main character
the French film “Amelie”. She appears as a brunette with short
haircut. With the new image Mikhalkov became almost unrecognizable. Later
it turned out that Mikhalkov tried on the wig to create the image of the heroine of a new picture.