VIDEO: Pavel Volya compared to Laysan Utiasheva with another woman

ВИДЕО: Павел Воля сравнил Ляйсан Утяшеву с другой женщиной
The couple went to Italy with the children.

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At Laysan Utyasheva and Paul Will come long-awaited vacation,
which artists have decided to spend in Italy. In San Remo-star vacation together with their children — four-year-old Robert and two year old
daughter Sophie. The showman and presenter prefer a simple beach holiday
activity. A couple of visits attractions and rides bikes. On one of the walks, the couple went together, leaving the kids to a nanny. Paul called the video, filmed during a walk — “hologram”.

Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva

Photo: Instagram

Rosie also makes images on the memory, however, children traditionally takes just the back.
The athlete has repeatedly said that he was afraid of a negative. “We protected children from cameras and camcorders
just because they are irresponsible age, respectively, not
themselves can say whether they want to be photographed or not. As soon as Robert and Sophia
achieved at least 12 years and want to spread the accounts of his baby pictures
with mom and dad, of course, they will be able to do it. But at the moment we
we try to protect our children from too much attention. As long as not
understand how they want this attention. Will decide in the future” —
said Rosie.

Interestingly, this belief did not prevent
Utyasheva to bring the son of sting’s concert in France where there were many spectators and the media, including. For
the four-year Robert this was the first concert in his life.