Ксения Бородина раскрыла истинные причины расставания с мужем
The TV presenter was suspected of imminent divorce.

Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov

Photo: @borodylia Instagram Ksenia Borodina

The more followers on Instagram the stars, the more gossip about their lives appears in the Network. The other day in the microblog Ksenia Borodina was born a new hearing. Fans suspected that a leading “House-2” finished in a short time a divorce Kurban Omarov. Anonymous sources reported that the couple allegedly did not go well with family life. Recent trip Borodina in the UAE, where she flew with her daughters but without her husband, considered an indirect confirmation of this theory. Detractors have left the spiteful comments about the “collapse” of marriage, Xenia…

In fact, Borodin did not give up with Eid. According to the presenter, she parted with her husband temporarily and have, among other things, writes about how much he misses her beloved. “Miss… My husband went with his brother and son to his Homeland, and the girls and mother gone to rest”, — explained the situation in Xenia, putting an end to the discussion of her marriage.

Increased attention to the relationship of Xenia and Kurban is due to the fact that in 2016 the couple was close to divorce. Borodin then found out about the cheating spouse, but was able to forgive him and save the family. TV star at the time “loose” husband awaited the birth of her second daughter, so I decided not to “burn bridges” and give the relationship with Omarov second chance. Since then, the couple live in perfect harmony, together raising three children: Mary (from his first marriage of Xenia), the General’s daughter Theon and Omar (son of Eid).