Внешность повзрослевшей дочки Алсу обсуждают в Сети
The singer celebrated the birthday Mikelly.

Внешность повзрослевшей дочки Алсу обсуждают в Сети

Mikella Abramova

Photo: @alsou_a Instagram Alsu

Other people’s children are known to grow extremely fast. Today Alsu published the eldest daughter Mikelle provoked a stormy discussion in social networks. The singer showed the heir on the occasion of her birthday. Michelle was 10 years old, with than I congratulated her mom, and hundreds of fans of the artist.

“Today my daughter Michelle celebrates its 10th anniversary! Feelings are overwhelming, heart flutters, and the soul rejoices!There are no words which can describe the love I feel for my children. They have filled my life with meaning and happiness. Michalicka, my bright star, my child-veselushka, my talented girl, smart, beautiful, my pride! Be healthy and happy, my love!” — congratulated the daughter of the singer.

Alsu with her husband Jan Abramov

Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Many fans Alsou was surprised that Mikella looks already quite Mature. And members started to argue about who the daughter is like more: mom or dad? Some believe that before the girl was more visible dad’s face and now she reminds Alsu in his youth. Other fans write that from mom Michelle “got” only gorgeous hair, but otherwise she is a “daddy’s girl”.

“A copy of the Pope, and the lower part of the face, especially the cheekbones — mom”, “Good child! Happy eyes! A happy childhood and plenty of good people in life!”, “God,your daughter has grown! The girls already!”, “I can’t believe it, 10 years already! Congratulations!”, “Looks older, years 13. Let him be happy!” — written by Alsou.

Recall that in August of 2016 Alsu became a mother for the third time. The actress with her husband Ian Abramov has two daughters: Michelle and Safin, as well as his son Raphael.