Ksenia Borodina openly talked about the disadvantages of working as an escort

Ксения Бородина откровенно рассказала о минусах работы в эскорте
The presenter knows about the pitfalls of this profession.

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Ksenia Borodina know that it reads a large number of quite young girls. Many dream to be like her and with admiration watch her life on Instagram. On this basis, it tries to ensure that broadcasts in the Network. No Mat, the controversial “nudity” or demonstration of a dissolute lifestyle. But among her friends there are girls (their names, of course, has not been named) that show a negative example to young people. Ksenia, as the mom of two girls, this topic is very exciting.

“Escort is prostitution and it’s no secret! And nothing they do not differ from those on the track, the only difference is the price! Just young girls, seeing the customer service is such an easy and beautiful life, start to think, why should I Institute, the family, why would I want to try, if you can fly to Dubai or the Maldives to have a good time and a beautiful life in my pocket! No my dear, I am deeply convinced that all these ladies who sell themselves are not the most happy people and no one has canceled their tears in the pillow at night. They had no one waiting at home, their whole life is fake, the world of these women is not so small, they come out to “lucky” that she — said Borodin. — Living in constant fear, as if not to sleep, not to take a picture and leave. And I’m just sad that young girls see and think, why would I Institute why this guy brings out 3 roses, if you can push the legs and get a big bouquet, you can be patient and wait for the car with bows, why should I work if I can go shopping and wait for the next call! Girls, get a good education if you want to achieve something in life, set your goals and go forward!”

Agitation Borodina has not gone unnoticed. Many fans of Xenia discussed the publication of Kim and supported her in her desire to help girls find their path in life.