Юлианна Караулова пришла с женихом в ЗАГС в «траурном» платье
The singer with family celebrating a wedding.

Yulianna Karaulova with Andrew Black and his parents

Photo: @yulianna_karaulova Instagram

Yulianna Karaulova for a year postpones the wedding with Andrew
Black. But yesterday, she finally appeared with her fiance and parents in
Griboedov Registry Office. However, the singer remained in the status of “bride”. Why?
It’s simple: the wedding, which was visited by Julianna, was not her, and the older brother

It’s funny that as long as Julianna got an offer
hands and hearts in the last New years eve, managed to get married even her brother,
and the singer all slack. It is justified big time. Artist
wants to lavishly celebrate joining the family life and it’s
she has no time.

By the way, subscribers of Julianna noticed that she came
at my brother’s wedding dressed in black. Fashionable image Karaulova called “mourning”
and criticized. Like, she could choose for such a solemn occasion
more festive outfit. However, even Coco Chanel said that a little black
dress is the best choice for any festive event. By the way, fans
we hope that visiting the Registrar’s office will push Julianna and Andrew to take more decisive
action. May the example of brother will inspire Karaulov and she decides to register
relationships with loved ones.

Recall that Julianna and Andrew have been acquainted for a long time, even
since “American idol”. Together the lovers not only live but also work.
The groom Karaulova music producer.