Ксения Бородина о Кате Жуже: «Она поплатилась за свои понты» The TV presenter revealed the causes of the conflict with a former colleague on the project “Dom-2”. Ksenia Borodina said that Kate Susan took advantage of a friendship with her for selfish purposes. Moreover, the star is sure that the brunette was jealous of her.
Ксения Бородина о Кате Жуже: «Она поплатилась за свои понты»

Once Ksenia Borodina was friends with Katia Susan, but now they prefer not to communicate. In December last year, the brunette left the “House-2” and stated that it intends to concentrate on personal life and private business. It was rumored that the departure of Zsuzsa is associated with the conflict between her and Borodina.

Recently Ksenia went live on Instagram, to put the point in discussions of her fight with Kate. The presenter said he did not want mention the name in their broadcasts and comments to the posts.

“All the hype that is happening around my former girlfriend, she has created herself. She is now no advertising in your account, and ends with a conscience. Communication is over, because the person is dishonest, a pig, in other words, can not call it, – said Kseniya. – Has received from me all I once helped to raise her little daughter, to feed, clothe and everything else. When a person had an account, I took part in his promotion, all of you know it, and did it knowing that in the future it can help.”
Ксения Бородина о Кате Жуже: «Она поплатилась за свои понты»

According to the presenter, Susan took advantage of their friendship. “Unfortunately, this happens in life. Dishonest people very much. When you help needy people, they think that you have to do it always. And when it ends, they begin to throw stones in the back,” says Borodin. Moreover, she suspected Kate of being jealous.

“She has no conscience and understanding of what friendship is, she’s a traitor. She really wanted to be on TV and live my life. I’m happy to help, because always open to friends. But in my opinion, when you’re friends, give me 100%, – complains a movie star. – And the man eventually decided to jump over my head, wearing a crown on his head, began to specify. Said: “I Want a Villa like Borodina and wages, and advertising.” Too many boast of man, and in the end she paid the price”.
Ксения Бородина о Кате Жуже: «Она поплатилась за свои понты»

However, Ksenia is ready to meet with Kate and talk. However, the TV star is confident that the Zsuzsa is unlikely to have the courage to make her claim in person.

“The behavior that she is showing an attempt to invoke emotions. If she doesn’t run away from me, I’m ready to hear it, if you have the courage to say something in the eye. But believe me, she has no courage, it knows how to do sly, – said Xenia. – Those who have the crown on the head, I don’t need. When the daughter was nothing to feed, I was needed. And once was leading, why Borodin? The higher the climb the mountain, the harder they fall”.

In addition, she hinted that the situation that happened to her could happen again. According to the presenter, Susan has behaved badly with respect to the current circle.

“I have something to say. Let’s not forget hang out with those friends who are now near her, – said Borodin. – About most of these friends shed so much shit that my ears folded into a tube.