Дмитрий Орлов тайно сыграл свадьбу и готовится к пополнению в семье Ex-husband of Irina Pegawai legalized relationship with a beautician Natalia. An important event in a couple’s life occurred at the end of last year, but they talked about it only in March. Colleagues Dmitry Orlov rumor has it that his wife will soon become a mother.
Дмитрий Орлов тайно сыграл свадьбу и готовится к пополнению в семье

46-year-old star of the films “Sisters” and “the Sky. The plane. Girl” Dmitry Orlov married again. The actor has legalized relationship with his beloved, 32-letiem cosmetologist Natalia hyles. The lovers are secretly married 26 Dec 2017, but decided to share the good news just now. Social media users congratulated the couple on this important event and wished them a long life together.

Dmitry and Natalia does not hide his happiness. Lovers often share joint photos on the Internet. So, in January the pair has been in Karachay-Cherkess Republic. Lovers had a great time admiring the romantic mountain scenery and tasting the local cuisine. And before they went to Barcelona and Tallinn.

Dmitriy and Natalia together for several years now. According to some reports, they met on vacation. Apparently, Orlov’s daughter from his first marriage with Irina Pegawai could easily find a common language with Natalia. Tatiana often travels with her father and his new fiancee.

Дмитрий Орлов тайно сыграл свадьбу и готовится к пополнению в семье

Offer hands and hearts Natalia received in may of last year. Apparently, it was made during a trip to Kiev. Without thinking, hawk agreed. The joyful choice of the actor posted on Twitter a photo of the engagement ring. Friends Natalia peppered her warm wishes. News of the engagement hyles and Orlov was not a surprise to their environment. Friends lovers think they look great together.

Earlier Dmitry Orlov was married to a colleague on the shop floor Irina Pegawai. The actors divorced in 2011 after eight years of marriage. The news about the separation of Irina and Dmitry came as a surprise to their fans, who considered a model couple. The man has admitted that he adores his wife and she is ready for everything. Like a bolt from heaven sounded, and the information that Pegova and eagles divide marital property through the courts.

In August 2012, the star was able to compromise. Total daughter a pair Tatiana left to live with her mother. “Irina got a flat in Moscow, house in the Nizhny Novgorod region and a considerable amount of money, – explained Dmitry. – I received a small plot of land twenty kilometers from Moscow. The court also raised the issue of child support. We decided that the next few months, I’m going to pay a very small amount. I actually left with nothing, without money and housing, and on their own!..”

Years later after a scandalous divorce Orlov prefers to keep her personal life from public attention. Therefore, the upcoming replenishment in the family still does not speak. According to rumors, the current spouse of the actor Natalia is expecting a child. According to “Express Gazeta”, the baby will be born by summer.