Ксения Бородина объявила войну хейтерам, оскорбившим ее дочерей
The broadcaster released photos of their enemies.

Ksenia Borodina

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Borodina adores his daughters:
high Mary and Junior Thea. Like any other mother, she is ready to protect its
children “to the last drop of blood.” Xenia will always find
this and the time and effort. Recently, the TV host posted a photo of daughters
saying that Mary is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Literally
after a few hours she, to his surprise and chagrin, I saw under this
published in the personal microblog impartial reviews. Borodin has decided to punish
abusers of their children. Star meticulously researched, who is said
bad about her girls and published on the personal page pictures of angry podeschi, expressing his opinion of what to do with
people who have the habit of insulting children.

“I’m very sorry that in our country there is no punishment
at least in the form of a fine for foul language people online! — angry
celebrity. And this impunity gives such people the right to insult is not
only us but also kids! I read the comments under the last post and wanted to fail
through the earth from shame. What are potty mouths, who I want with powder and
brush rinse! That’s right, that in some countries you don’t then that is not a photo
can do without permission, but also to pay a fine for a dirty mouth! And
unfortunately, impunity! Therefore, the Internet unleashed a lot of women,
it will emphasize the women with dirty mouths from their own
dissatisfaction with life, husbands, work or not work, pour the dirt in
the Internet, unload that way. To touch the child in the photo is the bottom, comrades!
I would not only fine, I’d just closed such that at least 10 days to
desire fought to pour dirt on people, especially children! “Happy Mom”…
never so happy people don’t look! You poor Mom trying
to pretend to be something, but, alas, you — the bottom! I’m posting pictures, even
for a moment he could not think that congratulations is going to read this mess.
A friend called me and said, “What a mess, what’s going on with people I don’t even
understand about what speech, we jumped at the birthday party with the children!” Ashamed of this
society, ashamed of the people. In General, ashamed of such pathetic souls. In these photos
a small part of the “beauty ideal”. Everything in the unit, sorry, no power there others who like these
nasty comments. They also need to throw a block. Abomination!”