Alsou: “my pregnancy is now”

Алсу: «О моей беременности сейчас все говорят»
The singer commented about his interesting position.


Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Alsu commented on the rumors about her
the fourth pregnancy that occurs in the last time with enviable regularity.
The singer explained that not once thought about the birth of their fourth child, but
while this event is not even in her plans.

“I know about my pregnancy all
now they say, — said the artist — Tell you how it really is. In
one interview I was asked: “have you ever Thought about becoming a mother
for the fourth time?” I replied that Yes, I have. But the plans of my birth
fourth child no. Though in this matter you can not make plans. I usually
always answer: “As God wills, so be it!” Of course, if the child appear,
I will be happy. Because I love children. But understand that to me even less
to be missed by current family members! Kids need attention: senior
must talk, do homework, go somewhere. Junior
just requires a mom all the time. I’m torn between them. Besides this year
me anniversary. Note summer holiday in the circle of friends, and in the fall got
concert. It just seems that to him for a long time. Actually yesterday
need to start preparing to fit everything in. I have a lot of hard
work. I hope the kids will come for moral support.”

Rumors that the actress is preparing to become a mother, appeared after one of the radio, which Alsu took part. Recently the singer came out of a long maternity leave. The artist premiered the song “talk to me”. On the occasion of the new songs, Lil Wayne came to the Studio Love Radio, where live played the game Were/was Not. The singer was asking all sorts of provocative questions that the artist was give the most honest answers. So, the presenters asked Julia how she is jealous of family life. The singer admitted she had previously experienced this feeling and even followed her husband. “There!” — laughing, said the singer. And in the blitz survey was a question about the new addition to the family Alsu. The actress said that thinking about the birth of their fourth child. Further conclusions fans of the star have made their own.