Ксения Бородина впервые показала ремонт в новом доме Country house Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov purchased on the eve of the birth of the youngest daughter. Two-storey mansion, rumored to cost spouses at 18.5 million rubles. Immediately after the purchase the TV started a repair, the first frame of which is shared with subscribers.
Ксения Бородина впервые показала ремонт в новом доме

A few years ago Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov bought a cottage business class in a prestigious suburban village. A two-storey house with an area of 216 square meters, according to rumors, the cost spouse not cheap. And literally immediately after the purchase the couple Lobster started a Grand renovation, which now seems to be nearing the long-awaited completion.

In a short time in the family’s possession will be three bedrooms, living room, dining room and terrace. And, despite the fact that the road to work takes the presenter a lot of time, she has admitted that is happy with the location of the cottage.

“We bought a house that was removed. Now you need to leave him to it started the repair, it is necessary to remodel the first floor, the kitchen and the stairs. Room in good condition. I looked at a bunch of houses, but the “grandma option” carpets on the walls, a beautiful house, but for 500 thousand per month. I think it’s too much for rent. In addition, we are limited in the choice: want a new house all was easy to drive to work on trainings” – shared Ksenia with “StarHit”.
Ксения Бородина впервые показала ремонт в новом доме

The footage, which the star published in his microblog, you notice that the Grand staircase, and kitchen countertops made of expensive marble, and the room walls are painted in white color.

“We’re ready to throw the mattress and stay there for the night. On the left a bit, while moving it each time worse than a fire, but then we are not scared! We were so homesick, want to go, that is already enough,” shared the TV star.

Ксения Бородина впервые показала ремонт в новом доме

Xenia also admitted that at the beginning of the repair is faced with unscrupulous builders, however now this problem has been dealt with.

Recall that the first Eid and she has rented a cottage, so how long could not find the perfect home. Selected by the village was perfect for a big family. So, nearby there are all necessary amenities – a kindergarten, an equestrian school, shops, a Spa and a gym. As recognized by the head of the family, they are not ready to move to metropolis.

“We are here for good. With age I came to the conclusion that the budget is sports. Half an hour on the treadmill – and you are the happiest in the world. Now I go away to training for Boxing, so I rarely get there. Go to a local hall in the neighborhood. Without physical can’t. It’s like morning coffee. Like scrambled eggs from Susie. She, incidentally, is also an athlete! If necessary, uphill run and I will suffer,” said Eid.