Бывшая жена хоккеиста Радулова призналась, почему ее бросил отец Daria Dmitrieva grew up without a dad and mum who received a serious injury, barely making ends meet. Future gymnast had to beg and steal in the store, not to go to school with a package, which had a single notebook for all subjects.
Бывшая жена хоккеиста Радулова призналась, почему ее бросил отец

Silver medalist of the Olympic games in London in rhythmic gymnastics Daria Dmitrieva decided to share a difficult story from my childhood. As it turned out, shortly before her birth, the attitude of parents is gradually eroding, which is why the woman is told to bear a second child. And when the mother was nine months pregnant, she was bitten by the dog. After Dasha’s birth, the father forever left the family.

“She sewed up the wound for the living, in the end I was born “ugly”: two large red spots on the face and one on the body. My father was not happy about this and we have not seen him”, – said Dmitriev.

Childhood future gymnasts were difficult – the family lived in poverty, and the girl went to school with the package. Then Dasha has ceased to count on the help of adults, and decided to deal with its problems itself.

“It is at this point beginning to realise that the lack of money is the problem. Travel by bus seemed a luxury. Then I decided to help my mom. After the lessons began to beg. The money bought a couple of gum and the crunchy bread, the road has always nibbled the edge of the bread, I still remember this taste!” — said Dmitriev.
Бывшая жена хоккеиста Радулова призналась, почему ее бросил отец

Daria remembered that when my mother found out, her severely scolded and encouraged not to shame the family. Dmitrieva remember that it is not necessary to show your weaknesses and beg. However, the parent could buy her daughter the only school notebook for all subjects. Daria dreamed of more, but because I just stole a pencil case, pens, stickers. All is good, but girls got caught by a security guard.

“Mom told me about the 10 commandments, were punished for theft. She took the axe and put my hand on the table! I don’t even want to describe what happened to me, as I begged you not to. Mom stopped only brother. He took responsibility, and promised that such will never happen again. I will not hide: my brother and I were brought up strictly, very strictly, even cruelly,” recalled a gymnast.

Бывшая жена хоккеиста Радулова призналась, почему ее бросил отец

Despite the fact that the family Dmitrieva barely making ends meet, my mother had enough of gold jewelry, which the girl brought to school and distributed to friends. Despite the fact that it was an heirloom, a parent does not feel the need to remove them away from the eyes of a child. Daria told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that at that time it was the most expensive in the house.

“Many of the ornaments were passed from generation to generation. Can’t even find the words how upset mom, she cried for a long time. And I have a few hours sat under the bed, afraid that he will never forgive me. Along with his parents went to school, tried to return something, but, alas, nothing of this plan did not work”, – said the gymnast.

Now Dmitriev has a son born out of marriage to hockey player Alexander Radulov. It does everything that the child is not in need. And very soon she will become a mother for the second time. The gymnast hopes that soon her lover would divorce and marry her. The ex-wife of hockey Radulov is pregnant by a married FSB