Ksenia Borodina: “Although married again leave!”

Ксения Бородина: «Хоть снова замуж выходи!»

  • Ксения Бородина: «Хоть снова замуж выходи!»

    Ksenia Borodina

  • Ксения Бородина: «Хоть снова замуж выходи!»

    Presenter-to-face pastel colors

  • Ксения Бородина: «Хоть снова замуж выходи!»

    Unusual wedding image admired Xenia

  • Ксения Бородина: «Хоть снова замуж выходи!»

    Borodin was delighted with the graceful dresses

  • Ксения Бородина: «Хоть снова замуж выходи!»

    Leading charmed by the new collection

  • Ксения Бородина: «Хоть снова замуж выходи!»

    In the new images Ksenia felt like a Queen

  • Ksenia Borodina and Bella Potemkina

Ksenia Borodina in his busy schedule found the time to immerse yourself in the world of beauty. Leading “House-2” tried on several wedding and evening dresses from the collection of Bella Potemkina. Creations of the famous designer choose for important events in their lives, many Russian stars. Seeing the dresses from the new collection, Borodin was fascinated by their beauty and elegance.

A mother of two children tried on some magnificent images. They Kseniya showed magnificent figure, which she managed to achieve in a matter of weeks after giving birth. “At least get married again!”, – joked the presenter saw in the mirror her reflection. It should be noted that Borodina was to face the outfits in the style of Hollywood chic. She looked very organic and natural. With the recognition of the stars, in the magnificent dresses she felt like a Queen. However, the TV presenter faces the problem of choice – Kseniya are unable to determine which of the dresses looks best on her. Borodin was fascinated by the whole collection.

By the way, delicate and airy outfits are the hallmark of the Bella Potemkina. Fashion collections from the designer demonstrated Ales Kafelnikov, Alexander Zhulin, Sofya Kiperman and other young stars. “Lace, silk, satin lush in the floor model we offer for special occasions, says Bella Potemkina. – We make these dresses with love and put our heart and soul, because the wedding, last call, prom night is an event that every girl will remember for a lifetime! And why in this main day don’t allow yourself to be a real Goddess?”

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