Ксения Алферова снова стала студенткой
In Moscow conducts seminars guru of Hollywood screenwriters, Robert McKee.

Ксения Алферова снова стала студенткой

Robert McKee

Yesterday in Moscow started the seminars guru of Hollywood screenwriters
Robert McKee. For these sessions of Russian celebrities “cleared” their
reloaded graphics and happy again sat at their desks, becoming students
4 days. Still, not to use the opportunity to learn from the experience of such legendary

77-year-old McKee is considered the world’s leading expert on stories.
His performances are always a show. Robert graph density
about the same as most in-demand Hollywood stars, and his
strictness to himself and the listeners of his seminars are legendary. Despite the high
the cost of tickets, none of the latecomers, be it Julia Roberts or guy Ritchie, not
can enter the hall after the start of the event. The penalty for a phone ringing for in
the workshop is $ 10. A second call entails the removal of
hall. And this is no joke. Among the students of McKee celebrities such as Peter Jackson, drew Barrymore, David Bowie, and Alexey Uchitel, Alexander Mitta,
Ingeborga Dapkunaite.

At the Moscow workshops for Mackie goes Ksenia Alferova.

“On the eve of my day
birthday I received a wonderful gift — tickets to a seminar of Robert McKee! —
says the actress. — I love learning! Robert is the author of the wonderful book “the History
for a million dollars.” Robert is best known in the world as a teacher
scenic art! Will four days to master this difficult science, and then
myself scripts to write! It’s funny that in the memo to seminars written that
the organizers suggest a good sleep these four days, because
information will be so many that need fresh head. This is perhaps the most
the difficult point of the program!”

Another listener at the seminars of Robert McKee was Polina

“I don’t understand how it happened, but my request to the universe was
heard! she says. — Robert McKee is the Stanislavski among writers, live
legend! And it in Moscow!”

Ksenia Alferova