Стала известна подлинная причина развода Дженнифер Энистон и Теру
The actor wants to deprive the ex-wife of the last joy.

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux


49-year-old Jennifer aniston stays
in a depressed mood. As told one of her friends, the actress learned that
Justin Theroux, with whom she is now divorced, tells all
their divorce only blame aniston. As it turned out, Theroux managed to declare almost all their common friends that their marriage was wrecked because of the
the fact that she, out of pure selfishness and unwillingness to spoil the figure, did not want to have children. Although Justin has already turned 46 years, until he married Jennifer not
was offspring on the road. He wanted to aniston bare him though
one toddler!

Meanwhile, aniston deep
affected claim Theroux, because this theme for her is very painful. In his
time back when the actress was wife of her first husband, brad pitt, she was pregnant, but lost it due to stress associated with the busy schedule of filming
the TV series “Friends”. Since then, she never was able to get pregnant. Moreover, pitt, when he left aniston for Jolie, too
reproached Jennifer goodbye that she had no children.

Soon Jennifer
have to decide during the divorce process with Justin, another
difficult problem. And Theroux,
and aniston is a passionate animal lovers. They have four dogs: Sheepdog,
pit bull Terrier and another dog of mixed breed. And so Justin said that
needs to give all four dogs to him. But Jennifer, who is very attached to
Pets, does not want to part with them. Therefore, a childless couple will be
to share their favorites through the courts. What are, in fact, the chances Theroux away from Jennifer aniston her
the last joy is not yet clear.