Ksenia Alferova buried the mother of Alexander Abdulov

Ксения Алферова похоронила маму Александра Абдулова
The actress thought about the transience of life.

Kseniya Alfyorova, Aleksandr Abdulov and his mother Ludmila

Photo: @ksenialferova Instagram Ksenia Alferova

Ksenia Alferova has lost a loved one — a beloved grandmother. A few days ago from the mother of Alexander Abdulov, Lyudmila Alexandrovna, with whom she was very close. In the childhood Xenia spent a lot of time with my grandmother in the village.

After the funeral, she has decided to share his memories of his beloved cousin. “The incredible power of the spirit was a woman! Remember when summer first came to Baba in the village and saw a huge Russian stove in the house, he began to pester her to make me a bun for sure! At first the woman tried to explain that this is impossible, fail to make it round, and didn’t know how. I forgot about the request after a time, and she still went and came up with the dough! Then susekam scratched and done! And not one, but many! The taste of these buns still remember and do not eat!

And as for the evenings, curl up on the sofa, drying eaten with tea! Sweet tea Granny saw, broke drying ( hand grandma was such a big, strong, labor) and tea, and then spoon catch and eat! Yummy! And in Sokolniki went to ski! — says Ksenia. Or rather, it’s me on skis (these were little plastic boots were worn), and my grandmother ran side! Or the bottom of the hill stood, at the above, I certainly wanted to go, she was afraid for me but didn’t say anything, after all three sons were brought up! And after came into dumplings, with the cold plate such strange colors and shapes of dumplings, with sour cream, standing at the round table!Stood, talked, ate dumplings! Happiness! Went to her husband and beloved sons! Also happiness! Bitter, sad, hurt and happy at the same time! The Kingdom of heaven to you, grandma and thank you for everything!”

Recall that in January 2008 died, he Abdulov. The actor died from cancer. People’s artist buried in the cemetery Vagankovsky. His two brothers Vladimir and Robert also died before his mother.