Victoria Bonia responded to criticism of her affair with a married famous actor

Виктория Боня ответила на критику её романа с женатым известным актером
The model was subjected to harassment in the foreign media.

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Bonia is forced to fend off aggressive fans of Turkish actor Burak. It all started in may of this year, when the Russian model was to leave the star of the series “Magnificent century” meaningful comments on the Network. Then Victoria and could not think what later happen to the scandal because of these virtual compliments.

Burak at that time met with Fahriye Evcen. His fans suspected that Bonia tried to separate the lovers and to disrupt the planned wedding of the actor. However, the celebration took place, but the comments Victoria has not disappeared. Recently Bonya has published another message to Burak, then attacked the Turkish media with questions about the affair with Asciicam.

Victoria has denied the rumors that “stole” from the family married Burak. “Today, the Turkish press just attacked me a call, comment on “history” with Burak, though there is no story at all. I am an active user in Instagram and all the time he wrote hundreds of different reviews for different people. But the Turkish press has created a real buzz around my review of the Turkish pair. I’m happy in my personal life and on other people’s men do not pretend that I am, who I am madly in love!” — said Victoria.

Recall that last weekend Bonia held in Ireland together with Alex Servicom and daughter Angelina. Family idyll did not last long, the next day the pair returned home in Monaco.