Кортни Кардашьян в новом селфи невероятно похожа на свою сестру Ким Кардашьян

With their amazing skills makeup Kourtney and Kim Kardashian don’t need a lot of work to look almost the same. Courtney shared on his page in Instagram with a new selfie, showing off her gorgeous, plump lips.
The Kardashians absolutely love all things Disney … Princess Walt Disney walking through the Disney parks, and especially Minnie mouse. 40-year-old Kourtney Kardashian shared a selfie on his page on Instagram on January 23, wearing black mouse ears with black beads, silver sequins and black net veil on his forehead. Courtney wore a black coat that covered his high collar around her neck, so her gorgeous face and headdress of a mouse was the focus of the photo. And, Oh God, her lips looked so juicy and plump!
Work on applying makeup Courtney was absolutely flawless in the picture, and she looked like her sister Kim Kardashian, 39 years old. Her complexion was completely perfect, no wrinkles, even when she pursed her own lips, making them large and plump. They were covered with icy pink gloss, making them even more attractive. Eyelashes mom of three children on the upper and lower eyelids were so thick and long that only emphasized her bright beautiful brown eyes. Even her eyebrows were penciled in a darker tone. This prompted user Instagram Kk_2608 to ask her: “What is your style of makeup @kourtneykardash? I like this way.” It is the perfect combination of neutral tones, but Courtney looked at the same time so adorable. How about video tutorials Courtney?

Courtney signed photo as “Gothic Minnie”, when her head lay on a white satin pillow, so the black mouse ears really burst with delight. Fan rdappolonioo said to her: “If someone was to do this again! You look amazing and stunning,” while Dixmier commented: “Oh my God, love this mouse!”. Many fans wanted to know where they can find the same ears black mouse. The user kanashlielkardashian asked: “Where can I find these? — while blondie.08.16 asked @kourtneykardash, where did you get? So cute.”
Unfortunately, she did not give fans an answer about where she got them. But she just went to the world resort Walt Disney world resort on the eve of 22 January, with daughter Penelope, 7 years. She joined his 22-year-old sister Kylie Jenner and her ex-husband 28-year-old Travis Scott, who also decided to take a walk with my almost two year old daughter Stormy Webster in the Park. Even mom Courtney, 64-year-old Kris Jenner and niece North West, 6, was along on this family vacation. It is likely that the founder of the online shops could easily boost sales and the Gothic Minnie ears in the happiest place on Earth. If not, then Courtney could easily could make them to order. We know that she has their collection, as she tried on a lot of images, with ears Minnie mouse in past trips to the Park.

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