Бывший президент “Грэмми” рассказала о фальсификации результатов и домогательствах на рабочем месте

Бывший президент “Грэмми” рассказала о фальсификации результатов и домогательствах на рабочем месте

January 15, 2020, as President of the award “Grammy” was dismissed Deborah Dugan. The woman had held this position for more than six months. Deborah the removal from office has occurred by reason of exceeding of official duties. Personal assistant to the former President of Cloddy little filed an application to the court specifying the reasons. Also, Clodi said that Dugan constantly insulted, humiliated and abused his staff.

At the moment, the scandal women is growing. Only this time, she Dugan made a scandalous statement to the National Academy of arts and recording. With her words, she was sincerely glad that I left the post of President, while in office constantly experienced harassment from all sides. This also applies to sexual harassment and humiliation associated with gender inequality.

Deborah told the journalists that he knows about the fact of unequal distribution of wages. She received exactly two times less prize than all the previous men at the same position. The sensation was also the fact of the former head of the Grammy awards Neil Portnow. According to Dugan, he raped one of the contenders for the award, and that was the reason for his dismissal, which all concealed.

On this Deborah is not stopped and revealed another secret of the organizers of the Grammy awards. She admitted that the members of the Academy are very often counterfeited voice and be included in the list of nominees for the bands and artists that were never even in the top twenty. She remembered the incident that happened last year and brought him up as an example. For the prestigious statuette in 2019 had to fight Ariana Grande, however, the members of the Commission at the last moment on its place have put a very different artist. Most likely popular song Ariana would win, according to Deborah, but the track was replaced by another performer who didn’t deserve this victory.

Dugan promised reporters that this debunking of the award “Grammy” will not end soon it will tell more sensational facts about the distinguished competition. This topic has become very relevant in the Internet, and every day is gaining momentum. Many say that the proceedings with the prize this year will be much more interesting and exciting than the event itself. By the way, it will take place on days 26 Jan 2020.

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