Брэд Питт признался, что стареет, но чувствует себя счастливым

Брэд Питт признался, что стареет, но чувствует себя счастливым

56-year-old American actor brad pitt recently visited the International film festival in Santa Barbara, where he received an award for a specific contribution to cinema. The actor gave a little speech in which he admitted that he has become old.

Coming on the scene brad met with Director David Fincher. Men worked together on such films as “Fight club” and “Seven”.

“These evening meetings are a reminder that I am old,” admitted pitt. He also said that he no longer agrees to work the night shift, because very tired, and all the difficult stunts for him to perform the stunt. And the first rule of fight club he’s long, can’t remember.

However, brad found some positive points in this meeting, he was confident that these awards and good communication with former colleagues make him truly happy.

The actor thanked all those who worked with him throughout his career. Remember that these people participated in his personal life, helped me to grow professionally. These people pitt called amazing and unforgettable.

It is worth Recalling that the film “Fight club” was filmed on the book by American writer Chuck Palahniuk. In his novel, talking about a closed organization, Fight club. And the first rule of this organization, which I forgot brad pitt, is: “no One must know about Fight club”. Of course, the actor made a joke about lapses in memory, because this work is one of the best in his career.

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