Konstantin Kinchev was in the hospital

Константин Кинчев попал в больницу The musician felt unwell and was taken to a hospital in St. Petersburg. Doctors diagnosed the singer of the band “Alisa” heart attack. Kintchev has operated, status is estimated as “heavy”.

      Константин Кинчев попал в больницу

      Soloist of the rock group “Alisa” Konstantin Kinchev was hospitalized with a heart attack in a hospital in St. Petersburg.

      “Konstantin has a heart attack, now he is in one of clinics of St. Petersburg”, – said the press-Secretary of staff Alexander Panfilov. Other information a representative of the group reported, explaining that he does not want “to hurt the artist” and attract wide media attention to the incident.

      According to several sources, the rock musician became ill during his stay in the house in the village of Saba Luga district of Leningrad region. Kintchev was urgently taken to the Luga hospital where the doctors diagnosed him with acute coronary syndrome. The singer was taken to the hospital by helicopter.

      The doctor who accompanied Constantine admitted to the hospital, told reporters about how he feels singer with the rock group “Alisa”.

      “As it was during the evacuation of the stable. Additional appointments are not needed. The evacuation took one hour and 20 minutes. The evacuation went well, was in contact”, – said the doctor of sanitary aircraft Sergey Ruskin.

      According to the former Director of staff Oleksandr Tymoshenko, Kintchev has operated. His bed is on duty spouse. The musician is in intensive care.

      It became known that two years ago, Constantine was doing in Germany, bypass surgery, and a month ago was examined in the same clinic, where he carried out the operation. Then the doctors found no heart problems.

      In social networks, fans of the rock group actively supports the soloist Alice. “Hold On, Kostya!”, Health, ” wrote the Russian Internet users.

      On the band’s official website says that the coming concerts canceled due to the health status of the soloist. “Alice” planned speech in Yekaterinburg on the sixth of may in Israel 14th.

      In numerous interviews, when Constantine asks why he chose rock, he always says the same thing. “There is no secret, I just love the work that you chose, that’s all. This does not mean that rock-n-roll is not an expensive option life, very expensive, but the joy of the stage somehow compensates for all the difficulties”, – said the musician.

      Konstantin Kinchev – the permanent leader of the rock group “Alisa”, which was formed in Leningrad in 1983. Together with the soloist of collective has released 19 albums. The latest album came out in 2014. In addition to his musical career, the band managed to star in a movie. They can be seen in the films “walk the line”, “Ya-GHA” and “Cracker”.

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