Zadoinov doubted his fatherhood and insists on a DNA test

Задойнов усомнился в своем отцовстве и настаивает на ДНК-тесте Ex-lover, Elina Kamiren believes that her daughter is not from him. The former participants of “House-2” Alexander grows up a little. In the program “live” old lovers decided to find out the truth.

      Задойнов усомнился в своем отцовстве и настаивает на ДНК-тесте

      More recently, Elina and Alexander Cameren Zadoinov literally shocked the public statement about his separation. A to the latter were convinced that leaving the TV project “Dom-2”, the lovers will be able to build personal happiness. However, outside the perimeter of the famous electroni, relations of the young parents could not stand trial. The couple decided to part. However, the conditions of the gap, none of them talked about Zadoinov silently gathered some things and went to his native Yaroslavl. About the reasons of the departure of the beloved, Kamiren could only guess.


      In a candid interview with “StarHit” Elina admitted that they were asked by the father to his little daughter too many questions – she just let him go.

      Elina, Kamiren for the first time about breaking up with someone: “He just left”

      It would seem that this beautiful love story, which was a place and high-profile scandals, and the passionate reconciliations, and serious challenge has come to an end. However, she continued. And, perhaps most unexpected for fans of this pair.

      Today in the Studio of “live” Alexander Zadoinov said that doubts about its paternity. According to the ex-participant reality show, little Sasha could be born not from him but from the powerful businessman, with whom Elina, Kamiren allegedly have relations with. The statement of the man literally shocked all those present in the Studio. However, the Elina had to say in reply.

      The photos shown in the program, on which she was captured in the arms of other men, has caused numerous arguments guests in the Studio.

      “I was pregnant, but I was really a free woman,” said Kamiren.

      Задойнов усомнился в своем отцовстве и настаивает на ДНК-тесте

      Although Alexander and Elina were together for some time, however, to make the relationship is not sought.

      “I can’t go marry Sasha, he is a rogue. Where I’m going, to Yaroslavl?” – Elina protested. “I’m exhausted that I was dragging someone behind him. Ask when he’s working”.

      In the program Alexander showed his apartment in Yaroslavl. It makes their own repairs in the house. And then Elina showed what life used to live. She showed the expensive branded items, and Boris korchevnikov noted that only one coat Elina can cost as much as the whole apartment Zadoinov.

      Задойнов усомнился в своем отцовстве и настаивает на ДНК-тесте

      The mother, Elina, Elena, once appeared in the Studio, once said that her daughter should not live in poverty. “She’s a Queen”, – said Kamiren-senior.

      Boris korchevnikov started declaring the results of the DNA test and noticed that the daughter bears the name Zadoinov. “I’ll tell you why I immediately gave daughter the name Zadoinov – decided obesity Elina. – Because I’m not married, I’m a single mother, and now by law I have no right to give the father’s name. And only if the father officially adopted her, she gets the name Zadoinov. And that was done. Under pressure, of course, but nevertheless”.

      “Sasha, you are so vain love this girl. The 99.9 % – she’s your daughter”, – said the presenter. – “You realize that your doubts as much pain and humiliation you brought Elina?”

      Alexander was happy to know that Alex was his heiress. “I think we’re even,” replied Zadoinov. – I apologize, Elina. If I somehow offended, upset. But I feel better now.”

      Camiran, in turn, also apologized to Zagajnovym. “I beg your pardon. And I would like you to know that our doors, our house with Alexandra is open. With a kid you have to see,” he said finally, Kamiren.

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