Константин Хабенский рассказал, на кого похожа его дочь
The actor has found a way to stay in touch with her baby.

Константин Хабенский рассказал, на кого похожа его дочь

Konstantin Khabensky


Keira Knightley has found an original way every day to communicate with her daughter Sasha, without changing the usual schedule. The actor voiced the Pope militarycom character of the eponymous animated series — and now always connected with my daughter, even if it is not home.

“Alexandra Konstantinovna grew up and became remarkably similar to one of the characters “Militaryov,” says the actor. And although the time was too little, I decided to do this project. Because dad often missing at home, and now she’s with me can communicate through the TV, through friends, militarycom. I receive from it huge pleasure.”

The actor with his wife Olga Litvinova


The actor, who in mid-January, celebrated the 46 anniversary, it is recognized that most of all loves to get gifts and giving joy to others. The birthday of Konstantin worked — and played on the stage of his native Moscow art theatre performance “the Contrabass”.

“Team is busy in the production, even before the start of the performance gave me a big cake in the shape of a double bass, says the actor. — However, as soon as I came on the scene, you guys ate him. But I gave it the go-ahead!”

By the way, very soon Khabensky released another project. In April 2018, rolling out his directorial debut film “Sobibor”. The actor says that this work became for him a new phase of professional life.

“Film “Sobibor” is the story of the concentration camp that existed during the second world war in Poland — blogged actor. — A history of the most successful mass escape from death camps, which destroyed the Jewish population. In 1943 from the working area of the camp fled about five hundred people. Someone managed to survive, to cross the border, to continue to fight. The Germans wiped the camp from the face of the earth to avoid any reminders of their error and the failure. We shot this story last year. It’s pretty tough, nepokorova, but right and necessary. The film is not about the horrors of gas chambers, mass graves, and that is people: not only the prisoners but also to those who keeps order. About how the death camp is a blast these people inside and how he turns them all either in the corpses or invalids of the soul — people who are unable by and large to start a new, happy, peaceful life.”

Constantine admits that in the Director’s chair, he felt an entirely new way