Her dad: Sergey Bezrukov told about the youngest daughter

Вся в папу: Сергей Безруков рассказал о младшей дочери
The actor admitted that Masha is growing very artistic.

Anna matison and Sergei Bezrukov


Sergey Bezrukov develops an ear for music of his eight month old daughter Mary. “My wife (stage Director Anna matison. — Approx. ed.) to include her to sleep to classical music: Mozart first, and then the works of other composers, — says Sergey. — Maria listens and stops acting up. She is growing up very artistic — copies I: behavior, manner and movement. It gives my wife great joy!”

The actor is not one of those stars who often shares details of his personal life. That’s why every review of the artist where he talks about his family, is among his fans an unprecedented boom. Not so long ago Sergey was pleased subscribers personal microblog, by publishing on the Network a rare photo of a little girl. The picture shows Mary standing on the windowsill and stares into the distance. Since the photo was taken on new year’s eve, fans speculated that the girl was waiting for Santa Claus. Touching the frame became very popular in the Internet and gathered thousands of “likes” from enthusiastic users.

No longer hide Bezrukov and older children. At the end of last year, he first entered with them into the light with their older children: Ivan and Alexandra. The actor led them to a Grand closure in Moscow shows dramatic ice show of Ilya Averbukh’s “Romeo and Juliet”, held in Moscow. Interestingly, before Sergei did not go with children in the light. Moreover, the actor just a while ago in an interview said that he had, except the little machine grows two more heirs.

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