Полина Гагарина показала дочку на отдыхе
The singer posted a cute family photo.

Photo: Instagram

Family photo album Polina Gagarina absolutely no problems: her husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, catch every moment on her camera. So, the singer posted on her personal blog about an incredibly nice family photo. It depicts the sea, Polina herself surrounded by two children, 10-year Andrica and 9-month-old MIA, and in the foreground the large feet of the father, which would show who is the boss.

Despite the fact that Pauline again showed fans the face of the baby, they are still excited about her fresh photos. They believe that it will take quite a bit of time — and Gagarin will not stand and show the world your little beauty. That MIA has a truly angelic appearance, no doubt. By the way, careful subscribers noticed that the girl had inherited from Gagarina bright and delicate skin. Most likely, the girl like her famous mother. And they admired that MIA herself may sit.

By the way, on this recreation Gagarin literally “collected all the world”. Pauline asked fans of the Board that it is necessary to take to the Maldives for a child. When Andric was a baby in such exotic country singer did not go. In the end, MIA has collected another huge trunk that had more stuff than most Gagarina!