Константин Эрнст высказался о скандале с Аллой Пугачевой The General Director of the First channel responded to the accusations against the creators of the Christmas programs. He also commented on the situation with the petition filed against Alla Pugacheva. Konstantin Ernst remains unclear requirements are part of the protesters, as the entire broadcast content is created exclusively according to age interests of the viewers.

      For nearly two weeks, the Network conducted a massive debate about the content of holiday gear. Some viewers confused, which is the First channel stars such as Alla Pugacheva, fill the air every New year. Some disturbances in this story is not done. Active discussion on the pages in social networks have moved to another level. A resident of the city of Rostov-on-don Vadim Adamyan piticu filed against diva with a demand to remove her from the TV screens, and at the same time to modify the format of the software released during the holidays.

      Alla Pugacheva said “remove” it from the air

      For a short time, Manukyan managed to collect more than 150 thousand signatures. Soon after the incident she found out Joe. She said that she likes that kind of attention to his own person. This, according to the artist, says only that it is used. Anyway, the General Director of channel Konstantin Ernst also responded to the petition rostovchanina. Live online show “OK connected” he answered the question of Network users in relation to the artist and program festive night in General.

      “The claims of the youth of the audience to the new year show fair. Why they are usually on TV? Because doing research the audience, we understand that the system audience Christmas show are people 45+. People 45+ has its own traditional preferences. And TV there are people who like Alla, Sofia Rotaru and other characters. We do not change a basic salad for New year and Christmas tree in us”, – shared his view Ernst.

      Konstantin Ernst believes that radically change the format of the program is simply impossible. On the basis of research conducted over the last 20 years, it is clear that people are satisfied with the chosen concept and they do not intend to abandon it in favor of something radically new. In his opinion, the main complaints come from those people who, for the most part, do not even look Christmas ethers. “The audience that says “Yes, this sucks, we’re still not watching”, she’s not looking. Not because it sucks, but because new year’s eve is another way. The company, in walks on the snow-covered city, and not at the TV”, – said Ernst.

      Alla Pugacheva about the scandal: “Live more”

      Generalny Director of the First channel is no secret that new software is created only with the aim to vary the time of the viewers. She aims to keep the audience until the last minute of the broadcast. Ernst seems strange, if people really look festive broadcast from beginning to end. “I honestly think the man who from beginning to end watching a Christmas program is a person a ringing loneliness. I hope that in the new year’s eve there are almost no”, – said Konstantin Lvovich.

      “Please don’t worry”: Kirkorov, Basque, and others favored sneaker Pugacheva

      Recall that after the petition for Dolly parton stood up many representatives of domestic show-business. They followed the example of the prima Donna and placed on the pages in social networks funny video involving feet, clad in Slippers. The stars filmed his shoes and shared his thoughts about what happened.

      “You don’t like the same stars… Right! You have to like the same star. Live on, happy and fun or sad and tedious, but as someone more like it”, – said Nikolay Baskov.

      Alla tries to treat everything with irony. She never imagined that fellow performers will put on a real flash mob. However, celebrities felt that to leave such a matter would be inappropriate. “People who oppose what they offer in return? Of course, we can try to replace the “Irony of fate or with light steam”, but it is not very successful”, – such opinion was expressed by the producer Iosif Prigozhin.

      By the way, regular viewers also decided not to stand aside and created a second petition, which expressed a completely opposite opinion about Alla Pugacheva’s Christmas programs. Unlike rostovchanina, they don’t want their favorite has disappeared from the TV screens in the New year. “Alla Pugacheva – the brightest personality of our time, beloved by millions of people the singer, her work has become a national treasure of the country” – part of the text of the content appeared online a few days ago.