Artists shocked by the death of the soloist of the Mariinsky theatre

Артисты шокированы смертью солиста Мариинского театра 37-year-old Edward Tsang died. Artistic Director of the Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev has called the departure of actor terrible loss. Friends of Edward Collet remember him as a lively and very cheerful person.

      In St. Petersburg died the soloist of Opera troupe of the Mariinsky theatre bass-baritone Eduard tsanga. The singer was just 37 years old. Reportedly, the singer had a bad feeling the day before during a rehearsal and was taken to a hospital, where he was released on a receipt. However, on Saturday, January 14, Eduard tsanga was again feeling unwell, and doctors have not been able to help him.

      Artistic Director and General Director of the Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev in an interview with reporters suggested that the reason for the sudden death of a young man could be a heart attack, but asked not to hurry with conclusions and to wait for the conclusion of doctors. Valery Gergiev added that the death of Edward Collet was a terrible tragedy for the team, which is experiencing the loss, and soon in the theater performances will be held the memory of the talented artist.

      Meanwhile, on the website of the Mariinsky theatre appeared an obituary. “The Mariinsky theatre regret to announce that on January 14, 38-m to year of life died, the soloist of Opera troupe of the Mariinsky theatre, honored artist of the Komi Republic, bass-baritone Edward N. Tsang. The Mariinsky theater brings sincere condolences to the family and friends of Edward Collet. We grieve together with you”, – stated in the message.

      Friends of the actor can’t believe his death. “It is very difficult to speak, to breathe, to think… I was mad at him today that won’t answer your calls, I wrote him a text message. We were supposed to meet today at the “Christmas tale” – wrote in a social network friend of the singer Mr Valdis Kuzmin. On Christmas day we are with his son and a friend shot our dash DOSAAF, he asked me to shoot a Kalashnikov. I suggested next time, to which he replied: “Today, next time may not be!” And just announced that he is no more. He was only 37 years old… Eternal memory to you, Edik! You were the most energetic, the most fun, the most-most-most in the Mariinsky theatre”.

      People who knew Edward Tsang, published in social networks photo and video performances of the singer leave words of sorrow and condolences on the page of the singer.

      “Yes, leave the best. My son worked with him in the Opera “the Magic flute”, “Mourn and remember”, “in memory of a talented young artist! Condolences to the family, friends, theatre!”, “Can’t believe it…,” wrote friends and fans of the dearly departed soloist of the Mariinsky theatre.