Эмбер Херд и Джонни Депп официально развелись

Eight months ago, amber heard and johnny Depp announced his desire to divorce. This process is for the couple turned out to be quite difficult. That only cost the charges of Depp received from Hurd, in assault and battery, domestic violence and alcoholism. By the way, photos beating amber even gave the press than it provoked a wave of discussions.

After a couple of months after the beginning of the divorce process, the attorneys for the parties said that they came to a peaceful settlement – they say that Depp had to pay 7 million compensation, and heard in turn should give right and left to spread about life with the Hollywood star.

But the terms of the Treaty were not executed, and then an actress again has addressed in court with requirements to encourage Depp to action. Defenders of the actor at the same time called amber Mercantile special and suggested that in fact the money she was to receive from Depp, she wants to spend on personal needs, and not to transfer them to charitable organizations.

Johnny, in turn, also did not remain silent and declared that the new appeals to the court his missus is trying to extend their “15 minutes of fame”.

Well…we got to the fun part. Today it became known that Depp and heard have completed the divorce process and have signed the relevant papers. “What about the money he promised johnny amber?” – you will ask. All 7 million actor personally listed charities, which previously said Hurd. People edition quotes the words of Depp’s lawyer, claiming that now the”long national nightmare” in the past.

Here’s to you and happy star’s life…