Cелин Дион избавляется от мучительных воспоминаний
The singer wants to start a new life.

Celine Dion


Celine Dion, a year ago lost his beloved
spouse Rene Angelil, still mourns the love of his life. But the singer
trying not to focus on the past — it she needs to live on and to educate
three children. So she decided to get rid of all that causes
her painful memories of her late husband — including from the house where she was
once with him… so happy this was announced by the publication dailymail.co.uk

We are talking about a mansion on Jupiter Island in the South – Eastern United States. Below
hurry to leave the house, and at the same time and leave behind everything connected with it
the singer took the unprecedented measure — it decided to halve it
the originally stated cost. So now people can buy luxury
mansion on the ocean, located on a plot of land more than two hectares,
not for 75, but “only” $ 38 million. For this amount the future owner
get the main house has an area of about 1000 square meters with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a large
cinema room with lift, spacious living room with ceiling dome and
a guest house and a separate building that houses an extensive indoor

Now that Celine had decided on a discount in price,
the buyer is likely to be found quickly. Dion hopes to quickly get rid of
another house — near Paris, where she
once, too, so loved to be with her husband… This mansion Dion also put on
sale. After parting with the estate, Naivasha her painful for her
memories, the singer can focus on her career — she fulfills
a steady gig at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and
their children. The two youngest, six-year-old twins eddy and Nelson, yet
really need her care. As for the eldest Rene-Charles, who has reached the age of 16 years,
he already gives her too much trouble. On the contrary, as the singer admitted, after the death of his
father he was for Dion real support.

Recall that Rene Angelil died in January last
year after a long battle with cancer – cancer of the throat. Moreover, it was not the only tragedy
befell Celine in 2016. just a couple of days after leaving the life of her
beloved husband, Dion lost his beloved brother Daniel, also died of cancer…